Chinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics
 Special Issue for Frascati Workshop 2003
 (Vol.3 Supplement) 


Opening Remarks

Multifrequency Astrophysics Today    p.1

F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati  

CP violations in the Universe    p.30

Giulio Auriemma  p.30

Recent results on microlensing     p. 43

J-F. Glicenstein  

Progress in Understanding the Diffuse UV Background    p.53

Richard Conn Henry 

The Hubble Space Telescope: Past, Present, and Future    p.64

Nino Panagia  

Muon and Tau Neutrinos Spectra from Solar Flares    p.75

Daniele Fargion and Federica Moscato  


Cosmology and the physics of our universe    p.87

S. Colafrancesco  

Keys to Cosmology -- Clusters of Galaxies    p.97

Sabine Schindler  

The evolution of the Light Elements, Be and B (also Li), in the Galaxy    p.105

John E. Beckman and Emilio Casuso  

The Quest for Primordial Stellar Populations and the James Webb Space Telescope    p.115

Nino Panagia  

The multifrequency astrophysics of galaxy clusters    p.126

S. Colafrancesco  

AGN Jet Interactions with the Intracluster Medium    p.137

J. H. Beall, John Guillory, D. R. Rose, Sabine Schindler and S. Colafrancesco  

High Energy Astrophysics

A New Population of Radio Quasars    p.147

Paolo Padovani, Eric Perlman, Hermine Landt, Paolo Giommi and Matteo Perri 

Broad Iron Lines in Active Galactic Nuclei    p.157

J. Wilmsn, E. Kendziorra and C.S.\ Reynolds  

Observational signatures of the warm-hot intergalactic medium and X-ray absorption lines by the halo of our Galaxy

Kazuhisa Mitsuda

High Velocity Gas Outflows from H II regions in Disc Galaxies    p.181

Rela\~no M., Beckman J. E. and Rozas M.  

An X-ray Perspective on a Gamma-Ray Mission    p.186

Niels Lund 

X-ray Source Populations in Galaxies    p.193

G. Fabbiano  

X-Ray Binaries: A Laboratory for Frontier Physics     p.202

F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati

X-ray sources in globular clusters    p.225

Frank Verbunt and Cees Bassa

Accretion Flow in Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables    p.235

Kinwah Wu, Mark Cropper, Gavin Ramsay, Curtis Saxton and Chris Bridge

News from Galactic Black Holes    p.245

Janusz Zi\'o{\lkowski 

X-ray binaries in the Milky Way and other galaxies    p.257

Hans-Jakob Grimm, Marat Gilfanov and Rashid Sunyaev

Magnetic fields of accreting X-ray pulsars    p.270

R\"udiger Staubert

X-ray Emission from Galactic Plane    p.281

Ken Ebisawa, S. Yamauchi, A. Bamba and M. Ueno

Hard X-ray emission from low mass X-ray binaries    p.287

Tiziana Di Salvo and Natale R. Robba  

The ASCA and Chandra Observations of the Galactic center    p.297

Katsuji Koyama, Atsushi Senda, Hiroshi Murakami and Yoshitomo Maeda  

The Galactic Center as a Dark Matter $\gamma$-Ray Source    p.305

Alessandro Cesarini  

On the optical counterpart of SAX J1808.4--3658 during quiescence: evidence for an active radio pulsar?     p.311

L. Burderi, T. Di Salvo, F. D'Antona, V. Testa, R. Iaria, G. Lavagetto and N. R. Robba  

Understanding Pulsar Wind Nebulae: recent progress and open questions    p.316

Elena Amato  

High Resolution X-ray Observations of Supernova Remnants    p.329

F. Bocchino 

Multifrequency study of the very slow nova V723~Cas    p.341

D. Chochol, T. Pribulla and A.A. Vittone  

ETA CARINAE -- an evolved triple-star system?    p.349

Wolfgang Kundt and Christoph Hillemanns  

Short-period active binaries - retrospect and prospects    p.361

T. Pribulla, D. Chochol and A.A. Vittone  

A Preliminary BeppoSAX Study of the (Bright) Atoll Source GX 9+1    p.367

R. Iaria, G. Augello, T. Di Salvo, N. R. Robba, L. Burderi and L. Stella  

Jet Sources & Gamma Ray Bursts

Jets in Astrophysics: a Review    p.373

J. H. Beall  

Multifrequency Radiation of Extragalactic Large-Scale Jets    p.383

Lukasz Stawarz  

Understanding the Chandra detected X-ray emission of the knots and hot spots of powerful extragalactic jets    p.404

Markos Georganopoulos  

Accretion Disk Spectra of the Ultra-luminous X-ray Sources in Nearby Spiral Galaxies and Galactic Superluminal Jet Sources    p.415

Ken Ebisawa, Piotr \.Zycki, Aya Kubota, Tsunefumi Mizuno and Ken-ya Watarai  

Cygnus X-3 in the  INTEGRAL era    p.425

L. Hjalmarsdotter, D. Hannikainen, O. Vilhu, A. A. Zdziarski, S. Trushkin, M. McCollough, G. Pooley, P. Hakala and A. Paizis

Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts: The Big Picture    p.431

Kevin Hurley  

Gamma Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era    p.439

Filippo Frontera  

Gamma-Ray Bursts and Cosmology    p.449

G. Barbiellini and F. Longo  

Intrinsic spectra and energetics of cosmological Gamma--Ray Bursts    p.455

L. Amati  

Multiwavelength afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts    p.461

Elena Pian and Jens Hjorth  

GRBs-SN and SGR-X-Pulsar as blazing Jets    p.472

Daniele Fargion  

News on multifrequency behaviour of GRBs: polarized emission and optical flashes    p.483

Nicola Masetti

Physical Limits of Different Models of Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts    p.489

Gennady S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan  

Gamma-Ray Bursts: explained my way    p.501

Wolfgang Kundt  

Ongoing Experiments

The Swift Mission and the Robotic Telescope REM    p.507

Guido Chincarini  

The Gamma-Ray Imaging Detector AGILE: Scientific Goals and Instrument Performance    p.517

Carlotta Pittori 

The Gamma Large Area Space Telescope: GLAST    p.523

Aldo Morselli

The MAGIC telescope for gamma-ray astronomy above 30 GeV     p.531

A. Moralejo, C. Baixeras, D. Bastieri, W. Bednarek, C. Bigongiari, A. Biland, O. Blanch,
R. B\"ock, T. Bretz, A. Chilingarian, J. A. Coarasa, E. Colombo, S. Commichau, J. L. Contreras, J. Cortina, A.
De Angelis, R. De los Reyes, B. De Lotto, C. Domingo, E. Domingo, D. Dorner, D. Ferenc, E. Fern\'andez, J. Flix,
V. Fonseca, L. Font, N. Galante, M. Gaug, M. Garczarczyk, J. Gebauer, R. Giannitrapani, M. Giller, F. Goebel, T.
Hengstebeck, P. Jacon, O. C. de Jager, O. Kalekin, M. Kestel, K-S. Kim, T. Kneiske, M. Laatiaoui, A. Laille, E.
Lindfors, F. Longo, M. L\'opez, J. L\'opez, E. Lorenz, F. Lucarelli, K. Mannheim, M. Mariotti, M.
Mart{\'{\inez, K. Mase, M. Merck, M. Meucci, R. Mirzoyan, S. Mizobuchi, A. Moralejo, E. O\~na-Wilhelmi, R.
Ordu\~na, D. Paneque, R. Paoletti, M. Pasanen, D. Pascoli, F. Pauss, N. Pavel, R. Pegna, L. Peruzzo, A.
Piccioli, M. Pin, A. Robert, A. Saggion, A. S\'anchez, P. Sartori, V. Scalzotto, K. Shinozaki, A. Sillanpaa, D.
Sobczynska, A. Stamerra, L. S. Stark, A. Stepanian, R. Stiehler, L. Takalo, M. Teshima, N. Tonello, A. Torres,
N. Turini, G. Viertel, V. Vitale, S. Volkov, R. Wagner, T. Wibig and W. Wittek

Multiwavelengths Observations with the MAGIC Telescope    p.539

T. M. Kneiske and K. Mannheim 

Special Night Session

TUNGUSKA 1908    p.545

Wolfgang Kundt  

Concluding Remarks

Concluding Remarks I    p.555

Gennady S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan  

Concluding Remarks II    p.558

Janusz Zi\'o\lkowski  

Concluding Address

Concluding Address    p.561

Franco Giovannelli  

Chinese Journal Astronomy Astrophysics  Special Issue for Frascati Workshop 2003 

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