Chinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics
 Special Issue for Frascati Workshop 2005
 (Vol.6 Supplement 1)  



Opening Remarks

Hot Points in Multifrequency Astrophysics Today     p.1
F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati  

Cosmological Implications of Neutrino Mass     p.29
Giulio Auriemma 

Bright Light from Dark Matter (Baryonic and Non-baryonic)     p.40
Richard Conn Henry 

Blazars and Cosmic Backgrounds      p.47
Sergio Colafrancesco   

Those Daily Gamma-Ray Bursts: Where do they come from?     p.57
Wolfgang Kundt   

Correlations between coincidences of gravitational waves Nautilus and Explorer and Xray emission of 4U1820-30 and XTE J1550-564     p.63
Gian Paolo Murtas   

High-energy Astrophysics and the Virtual Observatory     p.73
Paolo Padovani   


On the Reionization of the Universe     p.82
Nino Panagia   

The Energetic Problem of X-Ray Emission from the Coma Cluster     p.91
V. A. Dogiel   

Multi-frequency search for Dark Matter in Cosmic Structures     p.95
Sergio Colafrancesco   

High Energy Astrophysics

Centaurus A: A Multifrequency Review     p.106
Helmut Steinle   

Blazars and INTEGRAL     p.114
R. Hudec   

Chandra Observations of the ρ Ophiuchi Cloud     p.119
Katsuji Koyama   

Infrared and X-ray emission in high mass star forming regions     p.125
Paolo Persi   

Search for massive planets in the disks of FU Orionis objects     p.132
A. A. Vittone and L. Errico   

Multicolour photometry and spectroscopy of the slow nova V475 Sct (Nova Scuti 2003)     p.137
D. Chochol et al.   

Unveiling the nature of INTEGRAL sources through optical spectroscopy     p.143
Nicola Masetti   

Cataclysmic variables observed with INTEGRAL     p.149
Vojtech Simon et al.   

Magnetars' Giant Flares: the case of SGR 1806--20     p.155
Nanda Rea et al.   

The formation of precessional spiral density wave in accretion disks and a new model for superoutbursts in SU UMa-type binaries     p.159
D. V. Bisikalo et al.   

Understanding AXPs and SGRs through the December 2004 SgrA's Hyperflare     p.164
GianLuca Israel et al.   

Supernovae at Various Wavelengths     p.169
John Danziger   

Neutrinos from Supernovae: a Review     p.174
J. H. Beall   

High Resolution and Broad Band Spectra of Low Mass X-ray Binaries: A Comparison between Black Holes and Neutron Stars     p.183
Tiziana Di Salvo et al.   

Timing an Accreting Millisecond Pulsar: Measuring the Accretion Torque in IGR J00291+5934     p.192

Statistical Properties of the Combined Emission of a Discrete Source Population: Astrophysical Implications     p.197
Hans-Jakob Grimm et al.   

General Relativistic Radiative Transfer: Emission from Accreting Black Holes in AGN     p.205
Kinwah Wu et al.   

Mass and Angular Momentum of Black Holes: An Overlooked Effect of General Relativity Applied to the Galactic Center Black Hole Sgr A*     p.221
B. Aschenbach   

News from Cyg X-1 and Other Galactic Black Holes     p.228
Janusz Ziolkowski   

Status and Future Prospects for gamma-ray Polarimetry     p.237
M. L. McConnelli and P. F. Bloser   

Multifrequency Polarization Properties of Blazars     p.247
S. Jorstad et al.   

Searches for Supermassive Back Hole Binaries     p.253
R. Hudec et al.   

Study of Two BeppoSAX Observations of GX 340+0     p.257
R. Iaria et al.   

Jet Sources and Gamma Ray Bursts

The Intimate Connection between High and Low Frequency Emission in Blazars     p.262
Alan P. Marscher   

Microquasars: What do radio and X-ray observations tell us?     p.269
Diana C. Hannikainen et al.   

All the Astrophysical Jet Sources: Driven by mono-energetic e± Beams?    p.279
Wolfgang Kundt   

Energetics of Jet Interactions with the Intracluster Medium     p.283
J. H. Beall   

New Results on Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts     p.292
Kevin Hurley   

Fireball and cannonball Models of Gamma-Ray Bursts Confront Observations     p.301
Arnon Dar   

Supernovae and Gamma Ray Bursts     p.315
Massimo Della Valle   

Hyperstars -- Main Origin of Short Gamma Ray Bursts?     p.323
Arnon Dar   

The Early (< 1hr) Multi--Colour Afterglow of GRB 050502a with the 2-m Liverpool Telescope     p.330
C. Guidorzi et al.   

Anisotropies in Core Collapse Supernovae     p.335
Elena Pian et al.   

GRBs, SGRs by UHE leptons showering, blazing and re-brightening by precessing Gamma Jets in-off axis     p.342
D. Fargion and M. Grossi   

Ongoing Experiments

Search for Dark Matter with GLAST     p.349
Aldo Morselli   

Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Explorer: The First Results     p.357
John A. Nousek   

The X-shooter Spectrograph: A Second Generation Instrument for the VLT     p.361
Stefano Covino et al.   

Measurements of Gamma-Ray Bursts with GLAST     p.365
Hemut Steinle et al.   

Characteristics and performance of the GAW experiment for a large field of view Cerenkov gamma-ray telescope     p.369
G. Cusumano et al.   

Gamma-ray Astrophysics with the Space Detector AGILE     p.373
C. Pittori and M. Tavani   

The World Space Observatory Project for Ultraviolet     p.377
I. Pagano and M. Rodono'   

Astrophysics with LOBSTER     p.383
R. Hudec et al.   

The MEGA Project for Medium Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy     p.388
P. F. Bloser et al.   

GRAPE - A Balloon-Borne Gamma-Ray Polarimeter Experiment     p.393
P. F. Bloser et al.   

Special Night Session

May Gravity reveal Tsunami ?     p.398
D. Fargion   

Concluding Remarks

Concluding Remarks     p.403
Janusz Ziolkowski   

Concluding Address

Concluding Address     p.407
Franco Giovannelli   

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