Chinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics
 Special Issue for 2005 Lake Hanas International Pulsar Symposium
 (Vol.6 Supplement 2)  

Edited by

N. Wang, R. N. Manchester, B. J. Rickett and A. Esamdin


Pulsar Observations

Pulsar Astronomy in China     p.1
Na Wang   

Sometimes a Pulsar!     p.4
J. T. O'Brien, M. Kramer, A. G. Lyne, D. R. Lorimer and C. A. Jordan   

Individual Pulses behaviour of PSR B0950+08 at 111 MHz     p.8
T.V. Smirnova   

Statistics of the Drifting Subpulse Phenomenon    p.13
P. Weltevrede, R. T. Edwards B. W. Stappers   

Polarised Views of the Drifting Subpulse Phenomenon     p.18
Russell T. Edwards   

Frequency Dependence of the Drifting Sub-Pulses of PSR~B~0031$-$07     p.24
J. M. Smits, D. Mitra and J. Kuijpers   

Detection of Giant Pulses in Pulsar PSR J1752+2359     p.30
A. A. Ershov and A. D. Kuzmin   

Giant Pulses of Pulsars Radio Emission     p.34
A. D. Kuzmin   

Observational Characteristics of Giant Pulses and Related Phenomena     p.41
H. S. Knight   

Pulsar Radio Spectra - High Frequency Turnover     p.48
J. Kijak, Y. Gupta and K. Krzeszowski   

Pulsar Coherent De-dispersion Experiment at Urumqi Observatory     p.53
Li-Yong Liu, Esamdin Ali and Jin Zhang   

A Summary of Pulsar Circular Polarization     p.56
Xiao-peng You and Jin-lin Han   

What is Special about HBRPs    p.59
N. Vrane\v{s}evi\'{c}, D. B. Melrose and R. N. Manchester   

Monitoring of Pulse Intensity and Mode Changing for PSR B0329+54     p.64
Z. Y. Liu, N. Wang, J. O. Urama and R. N. Manchester   

Radio Emission from Anomalous X-ray Pulsars     p.68
V. M. Malofeev, O. I. Malov and D. A. Teplykh   

Pulsar Emission Theory

A Generic Pulsar Radio Emission Mechanism     p.74
D. B. Melrose   

A Mechanism For The Reversible Radio Emission in PSR B1822--09     p.81
George Melikidze and Janusz Gil   

The Shadow of a Pulsar and the Inward Radio Emission in Pulsar Magnetosphere     p.85
J. Dyks, M. Fr{\c a}ckowiak, A. S{\l}owikowska, B. Rudak and Bing Zhang   
Possible New Clues towards Understanding Pulsar Radio Emission     p.90
Bing Zhang   

Developing Radio Beam Geometry and Luminosity Models of Pulsars     p.97
P. L. Gonthier, S. A. Story, B. M. Giacherio, R. A. Arevalo and A. K. Harding   

Drifting Subpulse Phenomenon in Pulsars     p.105
Janusz Gil, George Melikidze and Bing Zhang   

Nature of Giant Pulses in Radio Pulsars     p.113
S. A. Petrova   

Inner Annular Gap and Related Topics     p.120
K. J. Lee, G. J. Qiao, H. G. Wang, B. Zhang, and R. X. Xu   

A Propagation Model for Individual Pulse Polarization     p.126
S. A. Petrova   

What do the rapidly rotating pulsars signal     p.129
Xiao-Ping Zheng, Na-Na Pan, Shu-Hua Yang, and Miao Kang   

A Geometric Method to Constraint Emission Regions of Pulsars     p.133
Hong-Guang Wang, Guo-Jun Qiao, Ren-Xin Xu and Yi Liu   

Pulsar Timing

The Parkes Pulsar Timing Array     p.139
R. N. Manchester   

Millisecond Pulsar Timing at Kalyazin Observatory     p.148
Yu. P. Ilyasov   

Algorithm of Ensemble Pulsar Time     p.157
Alexander E. Rodin   

A Review of The Double Pulsar - PSR~J0737$-$3039     p.162
A. G. Lyne   

Pulsar Timing Noise     p.169
G. Hobbs, A. Lyne, and M. Kramer   

The Timing of Globular Cluster Pulsars at Parkes     p.176
Andrea Possenti, Alessandro Corongiu, Dick Manchester, Fernando Camilo, Andrew Lyne, Nichi D'Amico, John Sarkissian, Francesco Ferraro and Gabriele Cocozza   

Pulsar Timing at Urumqi Observatory     p.181
Weizhen Zou, Na Wang, R. N. Manchester, G. Hobbs, X. J. Wu and A. Yusup   

Scintillation & Pulsar Timing: Low-level Timing Noise from the Kolmogorov Halo     p.185
Daniel A. Hemberger and Daniel R. Stinebring   

TEMPO2: a New Pulsar Timing Package     p.189
G. Hobbs, R. Edwards, and R. Manchester   

Can Pulsars be used to Probe Quantum Gravity?     p.193
H. S. Knight   

Interstellar Medium

Anisotropy in Pulsar Interstellar Scattering     p.197
Barney Rickett   

Scintillation Arcs: Probing Turbulence and Structure in the ISM     p.204
Daniel R. Stinebring   

Magnetic fields in our Galaxy: How much do we know? III. Progress in the last decade     p.211
J. L. Han   

Probing Pulsar Dispersion Measures using the GMRT     p.218
Amrit Lal Ahuja, Y. Gupta, D. Mitra and A. K. Kembhavi   

The Stationary Phase Point Method for Transitional Scattering: Diffractive Radio Scintillation     p.223
C. M. Zhang   

Dissipation of Low-Frequency Waves in the Pulsar Wind     p.228
Qinghuan Luo   

Multiple Scintillation Arcs In Six Pulsars     p.233
Margaret L. Putney and Daniel R. Stinebring   

Neutron Stars-Origin and Evolution

Evidence for Alignment of the Rotation and Velocity Vectors in Pulsars     p.237
Simon Johnston, G. Hobbs, S. Vigeland, M. Kramer, J. M. Weisberg and A. G. Lyne   

Neutron Star Kicks: Mechanisms and Observational Constraints     p.241
Dong Lai, Chen Wang and JinLin Han   

The Origin Magnetars -- The Role of Anisotropic neutron superfluid of Neutron Stars     p.248
Qiu-He Peng and Zhi-Quan Luo   

Evolutionary Sequences of Rotating Protoneutron Stars with Hyperons     p.254
Ye-Fei Yuan and Jeremy S. Heyl   

Gamma-ray mature pulsars: unidentified EGRET sources, possible TeV sources and radio detectivity     p.259
W. Wang, Y. Zhao and Y. Lu   

Nature of ``Magnetars"     p.263
I. F. Malov, and G. Z. Machabeli   

Millisecond Pulsar Population in the Galactic Center and High Energy Contributions     p.268
Wei Wang   

The Same Physics Underlying SGRs, AXPs and Radio Pulsars     p.273
Biping Gong   

Pulsars and Quark Stars     p.279
Ren-Xin Xu   

Monopole-charged Pulsars and Relevant Issues     p.287
Xiao-Hong Cui, You-Ling Yue, Ren-Xin Xu and Guo-Jun Qiao   

The 3-D Trajectories of Pulsars in the Galaxy     p.291
Ying-Chun Wei, Xin-Ji Wu, Qiu-He Peng and Na Wang   

Searching for Radio Pulsars in 3EG Sources at Urumqi Observatory     p.294
Jiang Dong and Na Wang   

The European Pulsar Timing Array     p.298
B. W. Stappers, M. Kramer, A. G. Lyne, N. D'Amico, and A. Jessner   

Techniques and Next-Generation Telescopes

Pulsar Observations with Radio Telescope FAST     p.304
Ren-Dong Nan, Qi-Ming Wang, Li-Chun Zhu, Wen-Bai Zhu, Cheng-Jin Jin and Heng-Qian Gan   

Arecibo and the ALFA Pulsar Survey     p.311
J. van Leeuwen, J. M. Cordes, D. R. Lorimer, P. C. C. Freire, F. Camilo, I. H. Stairs, D. J. Nice, D. J. Champion, R. Ramachandran, A. J. Faulkner, A. G. Lyne, S. M. Ransom, Z. Arzoumanian, R. N. Manchester, M. A. McLaughlin, J. W. T. Hessels, W. Vlemmings, A. A. Deshpande, N. D. R. Bhat, S. Chatterjee, J. L. Han, B. M. Gaensler, L. Kasian, J. S. Deneva, B. Reid, T. J. W. Lazio, V. M. Kaspi, F. Crawford, A. N. Lommen, D. C. Backer, M. Kramer, B. W. Stappers, G. B. Hobbs, A. Possenti, N. D'Amico, C.-A. Faucher-Gigu\`ere, and M. Burgay   

The Miyun 50\,m Pulsar Radio Telescope     p.319
C. Jin, Y. Cao, H. Chen, J. Gao, L. Gao, D. Kong, Y. Su and M. Wang   

Structural Design and Analysis of a 50 m Fully Steerable Pulsar Radio Telescope     p.324
De-Hua Yang   

A Self-Adaptive Connector for Active Main Spherical Reflector of FAST     p.329
Yi Chen, Yuan-Gen-Qu and Jia-Ning-Wang   


Radio Variability Properties of a Sample of 168 Radio Sources: Periodicity Analysis     p.333
J. H. Fan, Y. Liu, Y. H. Yuan, H. G. Wang, Y. X. Wang, A. C. Gupta, J. H. Yang, J. Li, J. L. Zhou, S. X. Xu, J. L. Chen, F. Liu and Y. Z. Li   

5 GHz Observations of Intraday Variability in AGNs     p.337
Hua-Gang Song and Xiang Liu   

Flux-depending X-ray Spectrum Index of Blazars     p.341
J.-H. Yang, Y. X. Wang, J. H. Fan and R. S. Yang   

Long-term Spectroscopic and Near-Infrared Monitoring of Be/X-ray Binaries     p.345
Jingzhi Yan, Qingzhong Liu and Hengrong Hang   

Polarization and Beaming for Blazars     p.349
Jun-Hui Fan, Yong-Xiang Wang, Tong-Xu Hua and Y. Zheng   

Time Series Analysis: the ``True'' Fourier Spectrum Derived by Iterative Process     p.353
Yi Liu, Jun-Hui Fan, Hong-Guang Wang and Yu-Hai Yuan   

A Unification of X-ray selected BL Lacs and FRI Radio Galaxies     p.357
Yong-Xiang Wang, Ji-Liang Zhou, Yu-Hai Yuan, Jian-Ling Chen and Jiang-He Yang   

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