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No Name Institute Talk Title Oral/Poster
133 Li Xiao NAOC
132 Sheng-Li Qin Yunnan University
131 James Martin Cordes Cornell University Commensal Surveys with Arecibo: Discoveries, Logistics, and Data Management
130 qijun zhi Guizhou Normal University
129 Jianchao Feng Guizhou Normal University
128 Wei Xie Guizhou Normal University
127 Aijun Dong Guizhou Normal University
126 zhen zhong Guizhou Normal University both
125 Lixia Yuan NAOC
124 Sihan Jiao NAOC both
123 Juan Li Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
122 xinxin zhang NAOC both
121 ChenChen Miao NAOC both
120 Gan Luo NAOC both
119 Pei Wang NAOC Deep Learning for Pulsar Search both
118 Zhiyuan Ren NAOC FAST OH mega-maser survey both
117 Hui Shi NAOC both
116 Hualei Lyu NAOC both
115 Joshua Peek Space Telescope Science Institute GALFA-HI Data Release 2
114 Felix LOCKMAN Green Bank Observatory Neutral Hydrogen Outside the Disks of Nearby Galaxies
113 MingChang WU NAOC
112 Minglei Tong National Time Service Center, CAS Constructing pulsar time-scale with Wiener filter method using IPTA data
111 ChengShi Zhao National Time Service Center,CAS
110 William Coles University of California at San Diego Radio Pulsars and the Interstellar Medium both
109 Yue Yin Liupanshui Normal University
108 Shi-Ju Kang Liupanshui Normal University
107 Ramesh Bhat International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), Curtin University, Perth, Australia MWA pulsar science and survey plans
106 Xu KONG University of Science and Technology of China 启动会
105 Lei Qian National Astronomical Observatories, CAS
104 Jian Xiao Tianjin University both
103 Ce Yu Tianjin University both
102 Baokun Wang Fudan Univ. Deep Learning for Pulsar Search:Challenges and Solutions
101 Yunfeng Zhang Fudan Univ. Visualization for Pulsar Search Pipeline
100 Sarah Scoles Wired magazine
99 Zhaoying He Fudan Univ. Automatically Matching Pulsar Candidates in Known Source Databases
98 Xiaofei Yin Fudan Univ. CNN for Pulsar Search
97 Xuan Liu Fudan Univ. Shallow Machine Learning for Pulsar Search
96 Mingmin Chi Fudan Univ. Pulsar Search Pipeline for SKA and FAST on Big Data both
95 Taotao Fang Xiamen University both
94 Weiwei Zhu National Astronomical Observatory of China
93 Siyue YU Department of Astronomy, Peking University
92 Tong-Jie Zhang Beijing Normal University
91 Yang Chen Nanjing Univ.
90 Ru-Rong Chen NAOC
89 Jianfu ZHANG Xiangtan University
88 Cao Shuo Beijing Normal University
87 Jun-Qing XIA Beijing Normal University
86 Qing Zhao NAOC
84 Baoqing Zhao NAOC
83 Heng Xu Peking University
82 Ming Zhu NAOC Extragalactic HI survey with FAST
81 Liyun Zhang GuiZhou University Stellar radio radiation of late-type stars
80 Zhixuan LI Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, NAOC
79 Longfei HAO Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, NAOC
78 Yonghua XU Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, NAOC
77 Zhichen Pan NAOC TBD
76 Qizhou Zhang Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Science with the Submillimeter Array
75 Qingfeng Zhu University of Science and Technology of China
74 Di Li NAOC A Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey Plan (CRAFTS )
73 Lei Zhang NAOC
72 Pei Zuo National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences HI Observations of Major-merger Pairs at z = 0: atomic gas and star formation
71 Hua Bai Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics &Technology, NAO, CAS
70 Qian-Qing Yin Institute of High Energy Physics
69 Yunpeng Men PKU
68 Xingwu Zheng Nanjing University
67 Shen Wang NAOC
66 Maohai Huang National Astronomical Observatories, CAS TBD
65 Yuefang Wu Peking University Searches and examination of molecules with in low frequency band with FAST 启动会
64 Elizabeth Adams ASTRON Apertif: Commissioning highlights and synergy with FAST
63 Ittipat Promnorakid National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
62 Xiaohui Sun Yunnan University Radio polarization sky surveys
61 Chaichalit Srisawat National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand Virtual Observatory from Mock Galaxy Catalogues (ViMala) for FAST HI galaxy survey
60 Daniel Pisano West Virginia University Diffuse HI mapping with FLAG and implications for FAST
59 Mo Zhang National Astronomical Observatories, CAS Estimation of Source Counts and Confusion Limit for Space Ultra-long Wavelength VLBI Sky Survey
58 Junzhi Wang SHAO
57 Xiangqun Cui Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics &Technology, NAO, CAS TBD
56 Ding-qiang Su Nanjing University FAST照明区形状和大视场巡天
55 Youling Yue NAOC TBD
54 Ligong Mi Qiannan Normal University for Nationalities
53 Yanjun Guo Peking University
52 Guoqiang Ding Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
51 Utane Sawangwit NARIT
50 Meng Yu National Astronomical Observatories, CAS Glitch detectability of Parkes timing observations
49 Yunfan Zhang University of California Berkeley The Breakthrough Listen Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
48 Zhongzu Wu Guizhou University The radio properties of OHM galaxies
47 Hongwei Xi NAOC
46 Xian Hou Yunnan Observatories, CAS Pulsars seen with the Femi-LAT
45 Zhibin Zhang Guizhou University
44 Jiguang Lu National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences
43 Jing Wang Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics The Local Volume HI Survey: HI-star formation connections
42 Fang-kun Peng Guizhou Normal University Search for GeV Counterparts to Fast Radio Bursts with Fermi
41 Chun Feng Zhang PKU
40 Lin Wang NAOC Searching for pulsars in the GC M28 with LEAP
39 Ye-Zhao Yu National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences
37 Nannan Yue NAOC
36 Zheng Zheng NAOC
35 Jingwen Wu NAOC
34 Jing Tang NAOC Radio detection of ultracool dwarfs and exoplanets by FAST
33 Ningyu Tang National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Science HI and OH Absorption Survey with FAST
32 Kai Zhang NAOC Prediction on Number Counts of HI Galaxies that FAST may Detect
31 Mengting LIU NAOC
30 carl heiles university of california, berkeley The Millennium Survey
29 Yong-Feng HUANG Nanjing University Searching for close-in pulsar planets with FAST
28 Jan Mathijs van der Hulst Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen Apertif on the WSRT: status and survey plans.
27 Evan Keane Square Kilometre Array Organisation Synergies Between FAST and SKA
26 Kejia Lee Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University
25 Rui Luo DoA and KIAA, Peking University Simulating the Dispersion Measure of FRB host galaxies to derive FRB luminosity function
24 Sabrina Stierwalt University of Virginia ALFALFA Survey Strategies and Successes
23 Zhongli Zhang Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
22 Niankun Yu Peking University, KIAA The [C II] Tully-Fisher Relation of Nearby Active and Inactive Galaxies
21 Na Wang Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, CAS The Plan of QTT and CPTA
20 Luis Ho Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University None
19 Ji YANG Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences MWISP: A Galactic Plane Survey in 12CO/13CO/C18O J=1-0 lines
18 Jiang Dong YunNan Astronomical Observatory
17 Shamibrata Chatterjee Cornell University Fast Radio Bursts - Surveys, Localization, Follow-up
16 Bo Hu Nanjing University
15 Yuwei Wang Nanjing University
14 Yue Cao Nanjing University
13 Marko Krco NAOC FAST Commensal Survey Strategy
11 Keping Qiu Nanjing University A FAST data center at NJU and HI surveys from GMC to the Milky Way
10 Renxin Xu Peking University Detecting Pulsar Single Pulses with FAST Drift-scan
9 Zigao Dai Nanjing University Models for Fast Radio Bursts and Future Astrophysical Tests
8 George Hobbs CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Pulsar surveys at Parkes
7 Lister Staveley-Smith ICRAR/UWA Lessons from Parkes, ATCA and ASKAP
6 Haiyan Zhang National Astronomical Observatories of CAS
5 Xuelei Chen NAOC An Outlook of HI Intensity Mapping with FAST
4 Bo Peng NAOC From an array of many small radio dishes MSRT to a single giant FAST
3 Lang Shao Hebei Normal University
2 Boliang HE National Astronomical Observatories, CAS
1 Mei Ai National Astronomical Observatories
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